Topics, curios, emotions.


My photographs are my way of exposing my interests and the objects of curiosity or emotion I come across.


Men have lived for 300 000 years, have been drawing for 75 000 years, writing for 4 000 and taking photographs for 300.


I took an interest in photography 50 years ago. I’d laid hands on several bellows cameras belonging to my family. I would develop my films in the utility room of our home, where I’d converted a part of the room next to the sink. It was hot there in summer and cold in winter…difficult to get the right temperature for bathing the photographs.


Dozens of years went by during which photography was no priority for me. My emotions during a trip to Barcelona brought me back to it a few years ago.


Today I have a few constant interests plus momentary temptations or ideas. I try to have varying outlooks and techniques, in my own way. Precisely, shooting is what I’m most careful of, in order to stay close to my main interests.


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Remi Ancelin photographs

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